A flexible solution for airline clients

PM First offers airline clients a premium lie-flat seating option that is totally flexible. Without additional investment in cabin infrastructure, airlines can monetize unsold seats by transforming existing economy-class seating rows into private cabins, on a per-flight basis to match demand. An ancillary revenue model guarantees airlines a return on unsold inventory, offering an immediate revenue boost derived from optimizing cabin configuration, with minimal risk or impact on flight operations. PM First provides a total plug-and-play service: logistics, installation, removal, and cleaning are provided. Embedded technology and a per-flight business model make PM First a unique platform for rapid implementation of new technologies (like VR or social) as well as singular cross-marketing opportunities.

Solid IP protection

The PM First patent covers any mattress surface for unaltered aircraft seats that extends or cantilevers beyond the seat edge, as well as our proprietary engineering details to achieve it.

A unique experience for passengers

PM First sleeping cabins provide passengers with a private, lie-flat product across multiple airlines at a fraction of existing alternatives on the market. Cabins can be offered onboard as an ancillary product at price points below $100 per cabin, or as a pre-booked “economy plus” offering for less than 25% of premium seats. On almost all coast-to-coast US routes, it can provide the only option to lie flat at all. Internationally, PM First benefits from the expansion of the low-cost long-haul sector, offering passengers a private cabin on intercontinental services for less than many full-price economy tickets. Tech-enabled cabins offer a unique degree of personalization and IFE optionality.

For further information about our business model, prototype photos, and videos, please contact us to request the code to access our private pages.


PM First is the disruption to the aviation sector that the market has been waiting for.