We are building a unique experience for passengers, a tool to optimize the low-cost airline model, a singular platform for content and marketing, and a whole new way to conceive of the air travel industry.

We’re looking for people that know (or know how to know) about things like commercial airlines, airport operations and logistics, luxury seat and bed design, airline booking systems, aircraft cabin operations, hospitality & travel data analytics, travel industry B2B sales, luxury branding and cross marketing, 3D CAD animation, and web design.

Come as you are with a backpack, your laptop, and an eagerness to get things done in a group that is fun, enthusiastic, outgoing, gay-friendly, and internationally oriented. Most work can be done remotely.

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B2B Sales (airlines)

We'd like to develop and improve our plan for targeting potential clients and pitching to airlines.

Skills desired...

B2B sales experience, preferably in the travel or aviation sectors. Please respond with past projects and an idea about how best to design such a program.


Back-end developer, Data Analyst (airlines)

We are looking for someone to help find and digest airline booking and pricing data.

Skills desired...

Python, Postgres, ElasticSearch, API development, knowledge of back-end airline reservation systems (ARS)

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Airline cabin operations specialist

We are looking for someone to help optimize our operations model to be compatible with various airline SOPs.

Skills desired...

Aircraft cabin management experience, especially in a cabin crew or airline operations role. Airport ground-staff operations (cleaning, catering) experience would also be great.